6 thoughts on “throwing_smoke

    • Thank you very much!
      For this shot I did not use Photoshop to create the smoke, I actually lit a stick of incense a placed it near the ball (lighting the ball with one light source and the smoke with another) and then photographed them at the same time. All I did in Photoshop was a bit of cropping, some selective curves adjustments, toning, sharpening, etc.
      Another way to do this might be to photograph the ball and the smoke separately and then combine them in photoshop (using various layer blending modes, etc.).
      A third way to attempt this might be to actually create the smoke in Photoshop. Perhaps you could try using the ‘render clouds’ filter (with black and white colors selected). The clouds often look a bit ‘fake’ / too even as rendered, but you could maybe distort / warp them into shapes you like. Then you could possibly find a layer blending mode that looked appropriate (and apply some selective curves and / or mask bits off to taste). I suspect you might want to do this multiple times (on multiple layers) to approximate the look.
      I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions (or what you think if you decide to give any of these things a try)! And best of luck with your project (I bet it will be very cool)!

  1. Saw this “throwing smoke” image on a tee shirt, my son is dying to get it but they didn’t have his size, was image sold to nike or someone? Unsure of where I can find it. Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated

    • I’m not too surprised to hear there is a shirt like this out there (but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it). This is just something I threw together in my kitchen with some incense and the batteries removed from a smoke detector (kind of a bummer, because I sure wouldn’t mind selling a few photos to Nike 🙂 )!
      I’m really very sorry about that… I wish I could have been more helpful!

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