Tin Snips

Apparently I can remember a Sesame Street skit from 25 years ago, yet I have difficulty remembering what happened yesterday. *sigh* Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mr. Barber Man: “Snippity snip…”

– Sesame Street

About this image:Β digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop


61 thoughts on “Tin Snips

    • This was one of those ‘found while rummaging’ / ‘I wonder if there would be any interesting textures in this?’ images. *sigh* Yeah… I don’t know. You are far too kind (I do know that). Thank you very much, Robyn!

    • It’s so bizarre… I’ll get up… walk into another room, and by the time I get there I’ve already forgotten why I went there! Then I’ll start thinking about something from 25 years ago! πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha… I had to look it up, too! That ‘snippity snip’ was the first thing I thought of when I was looking for a quote (but I couldn’t remember the rest). A lot of those skits were actually pretty clever (I think)… I love how his friends get covered / lost in the end… (maybe this explains something about my sense of humor). Many thanks, H.C! πŸ™‚

  1. Sometimes I think the only thing about living in NY that is missing is the Sesame Street soundtrack! Love the playful smile on your Tin Snips SiG but not I trust the cutting ways . . . wonderful detail and character!

  2. Cool photo. You didn’t run with these, did you?
    Every once in awhile I catch myself singing the Oscar Mayer weiner song from my childhood. That was one advertising jingle that worked.

  3. love the click! snips which may also cut string for tying on fingers for remembering where those keys are. a big help is, of course, the key hook. if i remember to hang them up there, then all is well. but then comes the part about remembering to hang them there in the first place…
    anyhow, thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, yes! I hear that, P&K! I’ve devoted a spot in one particular drawer for my keys. I do my best to put them back there all the time… because if I go looking for them and they aren’t there… it could be years before I manage to remember where I put them last (or just happen upon them)!

    • It’s cool you should mention that, U.M… because I did shoot it 90 degrees counter-clockwise from this. But then as I was playing around with it in Photoshop I started to wonder if it might be a bit more dynamic feeling if I rotated it. Not sure why… but I kind of liked it more this way. I think. Maybe. Kind of. πŸ™‚

    • How incredibly kind of you to say, Cristina! Thank you! I am very happy you liked the low-key… I knew I wanted to keep this ‘minimal’ feeling… but I had a difficult time deciding if I should shoot this against white or black.

  4. We had a fence row that had a ton of bushes with thorns that needed to be removed. I took my 12 year old self and determined to remove it with tin snips. I removed it all, except for a tree. It still is there. What is amazing is that nobody told me to do it. I could have went so much quicker with some hefty sheers!

    • Now that is dedication! I did something similar when I was a bit older than that… I think I might have used a machete, though. Considering how things go for me at times it’s probably pretty lucky I still have all my limbs after that!

  5. Oh I can relate! One example: I was discussing a birth with one of my patients and I couldn’t remember the word ‘forceps’ – all I could come up with was ‘spatula’. Love the photo!!

    • *WHEW* I’m relieved it’s not just me! Wowza… I imagine you have some crazy terminology to keep track of! I would be lost! Help! Stat! (That’s a thing, right? Stat? I don’t know. I think I saw it on ‘E.R.’ once, so… you know. I’m convinced).

    • Thank you so very much! ‘Weight’ one of those things I spend a lot longer playing around with than I should probably admit… I try this… and that… and the other thing (so it’s very nice to hear you liked it)! Thank you again!

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