Orange Crush

This was a very delicate operation. Or… something like that.

‘ Follow me, don’t follow me…

 I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush

Collar me, don’t collar me…

I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush’

– Orange Crush – R.E.M.

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop, printed and re-photographed digitally (Canon 600D) through ‘splattered’ glass – edited in Adobe Photoshop


58 thoughts on “Orange Crush

  1. Wowza! This is amazing! Love it. I hope you didn’t do that INSIDE the house. If so, we know how you’ll be spending the rest of your day.

  2. This is how I’m going to make orange juice from now on! Love the flying juice. Looks delicious, but I can see how this could be problematic now for making juice…hmm, on second thought. This is excellent!!

  3. reminds me of the old knock-knock joke.
    knock, knock who’s there?
    banana. banana who?
    knock, knock ** slightly irritated voice** who’s there?
    banana. banana who?
    knock, knock ** very irritated voice** who’s there?
    orange. **less irritated voice** orange who?
    orange you glad i didn’t say banana again?
    enjoyed this image. such pun. thanks for sharing!

    • Hahaha… I remember that one, too, P&K! A l-o-n-g time ago when I was attempting to make a sad little webcomic I did a strip based on that very joke (great minds… right?)!
      Thank you very much, P&K!

    • Aw, thanks, U.M!
      Simplification is indeed one of the reasons I broke this one up like that. To tell you the truth, the biggest reason I put it together this way is probably just… that’s how I’m used to doing these. I’ve done one or two that had to be done in two steps (a lighthouse, etc.)… and I guess… it just didn’t really occur to me that I might have been able to get everything set-up in one step on this one. Yikes! *face-palm* 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard that REM song. Love the way you brang the hammer down. You really know how to put fruit in it’s place. I guess that’s the last piece of Citrus that messes with you Robert.

    • I think it’s one of my favorites, Mr. M… I think it might have been on ‘Green’?!
      Hahaha… well, you know how it is with citrus. You have to practically have to hit it over the head sometimes.

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