Pepper in White Gloss

Crafted in a well-ventilated area. Kinda. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Another… ‘unusual’  conversation heard only here:

Me: “Hey, Annabelle, if you need me I’ll be outside spray-painting this pepper.”

Annabelle: “Out back?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Annabelle: “Oh, okay. Good luck.”

About this image: lightly modified digital photograph of spray-painted pepper

Donut No. 3

If you visited Laumeier Sculpture Park this weekend the boots sticking out from beneath various sculptures were not necessarily part of any instillation… just a dude taking random photos. More about the above sculpture below:

Fletcher Benton, Donut No. 3, 2002, COR-TEN steel

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified

Water and Plastic

When I saw successful water-on-a-CD photographs in the Shutterbug eNewsletter I decided to do the ethical thing and completely steal the idea. My ‘results’ must be karma. It should be out of my system, though. For now, anyway. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Royal Tenenbaum: “I’ve always been considered an a*****e for about as long as I can remember. That’s just my style. But I’d really feel blue if I didn’t think you were going to forgive me.”

Henry Sherman: “I don’t think you’re an a*****e, Royal. I just think you’re kind of a son-of-a-b***h.”

Royal Tenenbaum: “Well, I really appreciate that.”

– Gene Hackman & Danny Glover – The Royal Tenenbaums

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified

Dallas, Texas – November 22, 1963

It takes Photoshop about a second to render an image like this. It takes me about a month to paint one. Seven hundred eighty 5/8″ squares (including ‘edges’ not visible here). *hint* Step away from your monitor (or remove your glasses if you wear them) and the image blurs/merges into somewhat more recognizable shapes.

My inspiration here was the idea ‘memories/thoughts’ of/about events, time, place, etc. are often built-up in a second hand way… through photography, film, other media… blah blah blah. Anyway, apologies to Chuck Close fans. Believe it or not, I did not intend to completely rip off the master when I started this project. The guy is an absolute beast… I have no idea how he does it… ridiculously impressive.

Random question time! If you could have a conversation with any US president, who would you choose? I think I’d have to go with Lincoln (my first Lincoln piece here).

About this image: acrylic painting on 16″x16″ canvas

Wind Turbines

It’s been all cold and windy lately. Which means it’s wind turbine time, I guess. And 80’s night. Naturally. Have a great weekend, everyone!

… you spin me right round, baby

right round

like a record, baby

right round, round, round…

– You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) – Dead or Alive

About this image: Digital photograph, moderately modified

Five Stars

Turns out I’m not as good with spray paint as I’d hoped. At least on small scale (8″x8″-ish). So, for now, I’ve overlayed my illustrator MacArthur piece in Photoshop. I think the faux corrugated metal turned out okay, though. If only I could get all this olive drab paint off my face…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop digitally overlayed onto faux metal / painted cardboard

A Spot of Tea

So… don’t tell anybody, but… just between you and me… I think tea is kinda for the birds. Coke me, bro!

Dennis Reynolds: “Your voice needs to come off as elegant as your clothing… okay? So… try this, ‘would you like a spot of tea’? You, ‘yeeeEEEeeesssSSSss’!”

Mac McDonald: “Would you like a spot of tea? YeeEEeessSSss!”

Dennis Reynolds: “Draw it out more.”

Mac McDonald: “Draw it out more than that? More like… YeeeEEEeeesssSSSsss!”

– Rob McElhenney & Glenn Howerton – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Vice No. 1

Yup. Classic vice. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sonny Crockett: “Where do you like to go?”

Isabella: “What do you like to drink?”

Sonny Crockett: “I’m a fiend for mojitos.”

Isabella: “I know a place. I’ll take you to the best place for mojitos.”

Sonny Crockett: “Where is that?”

Isabella: “Bodeguita del Medio.”

Sonny Crockett: “In the Keys?”

Isabella: “Havana.”

Colin Farrell & Li Gong  – Miami Vice

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


Here’s more proof I’d love to visit Japan.

Hopefully it’s not also proof I need a better translation of ‘fujiyama’.

This could get embarrassing.

Speaking of mountains… (for all you  illustrators using digital tablets) would you mind sharing what you use and any other preferences/tips/etc? I’ve never tried one… sounds… nice?

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Slinky No. 2

Slinkys are funny things… once you start photographing them, it’s surprisingly difficult to stop! Never fear, though… I’ll do my best to  come up with something different for the big Monday show. BUT…

until then…

GO SLINKY, GO (and have a great weekend, everyone)!

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified