Hay Bales

Sometimes I don’t mind a bit of lens flare… today I was kinda’ feeling the burn (so to speak). Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Hans: “Ya, once again I am Hans…”

Franz: “And I am Franz…”

Hans & Franz: “And we just want to pump *clap* you up!”

Hans: “Alright, you know, we’ve been on sabbatical the last four months . That’s right.”

Franz: “Ya.”

Hans: “Some 300 scientists from 23 countries made an exhaustive study of our bodies to try to find out if we were real.”

Franz: “Ya, that’s right. Could 2 men be this perfect? Is it genetically possible? Answer? Ya.”

Dana Carvey & Kevin Nealon – Saturday Night Live

About this image: Holga/35mm film scan – moderately modified


Bottle No. 1

I was going to post a little somethin’-somethin’ for the WP weekly photo challenge today, but (since it’s Monday and my luck is lacking) the page wouldn’t load on my ‘wonder PC’ *kicking junky box*. So, I have no idea what the challenge is. I’ve probably messed-up some setting or another. That’s how I roll.

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About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – lightly manipulated