Okay, I can admit it… I still think ‘trains is ‘perty cool’. Someday I’d love to have an extremely small scale 20’s era cityscape/train set (built-in under a glass topped coffee table). I might be alone in this thought, though; it’s probably my When Harry Met Sally wagon wheel coffee table moment.

Speaking of trains, I used to be employed by an architectural firm practicing out of a remodeled depot – where I worked diligently got to watch railroad stuff all the time. The trains would literally shake the building… it was pretty cool.

About this image: Digital photograph lightly manipulated. I think the shallow depth of field works well in this shot… although I doubt I can be credited for that. This was one of the first digital photos I took, and my camera was likely set on full auto. But I still like to pretend I’m responsible for everything you see here.