Hardly Driving

Many, many thanks to Susan, Tim and Annabelle – I can compute again! It feels incredible to be able to use my DSLR… and Photoshop… and Illustrator… and…

Dominic Toretto: “You drive like you’ve done this before.”

– Vin Diesel – The Fast and the Furious

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Me: “Computer, why is my photo challenge entry so late?”

Circuit Board: *pause* “Does not compute.”

Me: “You’re no help… I should have asked a magic eight ball. Can you at least throw me some Power Ball numbers, or… ”

Circuit Board: *sticks out tongue* “Not my deal. I come from a blender.”

Me: “Blah. Why do I even keep you laying around?”

Circuit Board: “Because you are a fiend for Mojitos.”

(*Just in case anyone is curious this board came from a keyboard, not a blender.*)

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified