Darkroom No. 2

As today marks the one year anniversary of this blog I thought I’d post a second darkroom photo (Darkroom No. 1 was my first post so this seemed fitting). The multiple-mes are a result of keeping the camera shutter open for the entire time it took to process a print (6 – 7 minutes… after test strips and exposure).

My most sincere thanks to everyone for taking the time to stop by over this past year – I always appreciate each and every visit! Making the stuff I post here is a ton-o-fun, but it wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without such great folks to share it with. I might not have the highest stats in the world, but I definitely have the best visitors… you guys are awesome! Thank you!

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified



Yet another darkroom special – I’m totally rocking my archives pretty hard lately, dudes and dudettes. I do kinda’ like this one. Probably because it took me so long to print this beast (although with Photoshop this might be about a ten minute job – at the most).

Mid-tones? We don’t need no stinkin’ mid-tones. But it’s ‘for on purpose though’. Really. I tend to print many photos super-contrasty. It’s so emotive… so dark and brooding! I think my almost exclusive use of the No. 5 split printing filter makes me seem super artsy-like… don’t you?!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film (who would’ve guessed, eh?) top image enlarged, film strips contact printed.


Hello, world… please allow myself to introduce… myself… with this self-portrait of sorts.

So… I used to do a blasé webcomic, which was a lot of fun for me because I got to meet a lot of great people. And make stuff. Unfortunately it took me way to long to make that type of stuff. BUT I still have a strange compulsion to make… umm… other kitschy things. AND I have a ton of marginal work (even some new stuff), and perhaps a few old friends who might feel guiltied inspired to visit, so why not share this material with my semi-captive thrilled audience! I’ll be posting photos, drawings, paintings, mixed-media, etc. two or three times a week  (depending on the happity-haps in my hectic life).  So please stop by every now and then: leave a comment if you’d like! I promise you will won’t be sorry!

About this image: a lightly manipulated digital photo from my university days. Yup, that’s me, doing some hard-rockin’ work in the darkroom (which I dearly miss). I left the shutter open from start to finish of whatever print I was making at the time. Ahh… I can smell the chemistry just thinking about it…