U.S.S. Riverside (T.T.V.)

Wow. That was somehow both the longest and the shortest two-day / two-week ‘vacation’ I’ve ever been on. Seems our over-heating car doesn’t feel like boldly going anywhere. Sweet.

Anyway, the above was probably the highlight of the whole ordeal trip. Straight from the ‘Future Home of Captain James T. Kirk’ (Riverside, Iowa), I present to you, the U.S.S. Riverside! Set phasers to fun. Or… something along those lines.

About this image: digital photograph taken though viewfinder of Kodak Duaflex II twin lens reflex camera – lightly modified

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Me: “Computer, why is my photo challenge entry so late?”

Circuit Board: *pause* “Does not compute.”

Me: “You’re no help… I should have asked a magic eight ball. Can you at least throw me some Power Ball numbers, or… ”

Circuit Board: *sticks out tongue* “Not my deal. I come from a blender.”

Me: “Blah. Why do I even keep you laying around?”

Circuit Board: “Because you are a fiend for Mojitos.”

(*Just in case anyone is curious this board came from a keyboard, not a blender.*)

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


Don’t worry, it’s just a prop… still, please don’t try this at home. People will look at you strangely.

Customer: “Hello, shop-keep… how much for your finest broken bottle?”

Salesman: “Here she is… she’ll run you fifty cents, if you’re interested.”

Customer: “She’s a beauty, indeed… but I’ve promised myself not to spend one cent more than twenty-five…”

Salesman: ” ‘Fraid I can’t do that, sir… I got’s to pay the rent, I do!”

Customer: “I’ve got coupons!”

Salesman: “SOLD! You, sir, are a bargain shopper AND a gentleman!”

About this image: digital photograph, highly modified

Claw Hammer

So here’s a photograph of a hammer. Yup. I’m not proud of how rusty I let it get (although it made for some interesting textures). Remember, please don’t try this at h0me – be kind to your tools, people.

The Dude: “1972 Pontiac LeBaron.”

Younger Cop: “Color?”

The Dude: “Green. Some brown, or, uh, rust, coloration.”

Jeff Bridges & Christian Clemenson – The Big Lebowski

About this image: digital image, moderately modified

Bechyne, North Dakota

Today’s Action Chanel 5 in-computer forecast: 90% chance of fake showers.

I wonder if I could ‘make it rain’ with ‘fake 100 dollar bills’?

Totally Kidding. There’s no need to alert those rather humorless dudes at the Treasury Department. Again.

About this image: digital photographs highly modified

Of St. Patrick’s and Polaroids…

So here’s another version of the same thing I posted yesterday. Very exciting, right? We try to keep things original. Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s day!

*Disclaimer* Although several stereotypes have been employed here, no leprechauns were at all harmed in the production of this fake Polaroid.

About this image: digital photograph highly manipulated