Hawkish Physiology (faux wet plate collodion)

A detail of display at The World Bird Sanctuary. I believe this was from a Red-tailed Hawk, but the way my brain / memory works hiccups along, who knows.

Royal Tenenbaum: “Jiminy Crickets… that d**n bird must have radar in its brain!”

Gene Hackman – The Royal Tenenbaums

About this image: digital image taken with smart phone and heavily modified in Photoshop to replicate wet plate collodion


By a Hare…

Maybe it’s just me, but he kinda looks like he’s expecting a package from ‘Acme’.

Bugs Bunny (as Dr. Killpatient): “Tell me, Mr. Fudd… do you have any rabbit inclinations?”

– Hare Tonic

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop