I’m believe this is a magnolia… of some sort. Just waiting on Tom Cruise to confirm. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Stanley Spector (*watching it rain frogs*): “This happens. This is something that happens.”

– Jeremy Blackman – Magnolia

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


Chrysanthemum No. 2

Why, yes… I do enjoy taping random flowers onto the window. Which is the lead-in for yet another installment of  ‘unusual’  conversations heard only here.

Me: “Hey, Annabelle, does Duct Tape stick to flowers?”

Annabelle: “Well… I can’t say I’ve ever really tried that…”

Me: “Yup! Seems to be working just fine.”

Annabelle: “That’s good.”

Have a great weekend, everyone.

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


I should have written down more information about this orchid. Although that would have required foresight. And minimal effort. And a pen. Sadly, only one of these was available at the time. Oh well. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Max Fischer: “Take dictation, please. Possible candidates for Kite Flying Society: David Conners, Murray Marshall, Greg Halloway, Duncan Wright, Margret Yang, Woody Jackson, Shoeshine…”

– Jason Schwartzman – Rushmore

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


Here’s a dandelion for my 100th post. Taraxacum officinale (according to Wikipedia, anyway). I’m terrible at Latin. And remembering stuff.

Steve Zissou: “Who’s gonna tell us the Latin names of all the fishes and everything? You know I can’t remember all that s***. Please stop, Elanor! Elanor stop! Why are you leaving?”

Elanor Zissou: “I’m leaving because I don’t want to be a part of whatever is going to happen out there.”

Steve Zissou: “Nobody knows what’s going to happen. And then we film it. That’s the whole concept.”

Vladimir Wolodarsky: “That’s how we’ve always done it…”

Bill Murray, Angelica Houston & Noah Taylor – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified