Point Betsie Light, Michigan

Point Betsie Light, Michigan © Robert Jay Matejcek

Point Betsie… last summer-ish.

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone


A Pink Kind of Blue


This is pretty close to ‘what I saw’, although I did pump-up the color a ‘bit’, etc. Shocking, right?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Mrs. Tarantino: “Are you the police?”

Elwood Blues: “No, ma’am. We’re musicians.”

– Toni Fleming & Dan Aykroyd – The Blues Brothers

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 300D) lightly modified  in Adobe Photoshop

Water’s Edge – Lake Michigan

Decent beach. Quite a few pirates this time of year, though. *Hrmph*… tourists.

Mr. Gibbs: “Then, on the fourth day, he roped himself a couple of sea turtles, lashed ’em together and made a raft.”

Will Turner: “He roped a couple of sea turtles?”

Mr. Gibbs: “Aye. Sea turtles.”

Will Turner: “What did he use for rope?”

Captain Jack Sparrow: “Human hair. From my back.”

– Kevin McNally, Orlando Bloom & Johnny Depp – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 300D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop

Sleeping Bear Point Life-Saving Station (faux wet plate collodion)

More  fakery today with a highly edited photograph of the Sleeping Bear Point Life-Saving Station in Glen Haven, Michigan. Have a great weekend, everyone – for real!

Dr. Watson: “Homes? What are you doing?”

Sherlock Holmes: “Nothing.”

Dr. Watson: “Are you wearing a fa…”

Sherlock Holmes: “False nose? No.”

– Jude Law & Robert Downey Jr. – Sherlock Holmes

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 300D) heavily modified to replicate wet plate collodion

Cat’s Head Point

Cat’s Head Point was quiet…. surprisingly… quiet…

Charlie Kelly: “Hello! Charlie Kelly here… local business man and cat enthusiast. Is your cat making too much noise all the time? Is your cat constantly stomping around, driving you crazy? Is your cat clawing at your furniture? Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid! There is! Kitten Mittens! Finally, there’s a elegant, comfortable mitten for cats. I couldn’t hear anything! Is your cat one-legged? Is your cat fat, skinny or an in-between? That doesn’t matter, ’cause one size fits all! Kitten Mittens… you’ll be smitten! So come on down to Paddy’s Pub… we’re the home of the original Kitten Mittens! Meeeeeeoooooow!”

– Charlie Day – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

About this image: faux tintype – digital photograph, highly modified

Mackinac Bridge

Here’s a shot of the third longest suspension bridge in the world… or, well… part of it, anyway. What can I say, 26,372 feet is a lot of bridge. Cropity crop.

Have a great weekend, everyone! More numbers here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Stephanie Mangano: “You know all about the bridge, don’t ‘cha.”

Tony Manero: “That’s right. I know everything about that bridge.”

– Karen Lynn Gorney and John Travolta – Saturday Night Fever

About this image: digital photograph, moderately modified


Is anybody out there?! I hope so… the villagers might have revolted yesterday… so, today I have a calm, lightly toned, black and white image to share. Although the random craziness of this blog is what makes it fun-ish (I think). It’s like Forrest Gump. Or his proverbial box of chocolates, anyway.

I’m not sure what to title this photo… I keep going back and forth. It was called ‘port’ for a while. Then ‘cantilever’. Then ‘cantilevered’. Not sure I’m cool with those, though. Any suggestions? Besides “STOP FORREST, STOP”, that is?!

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan – moderately manipulated