Plastic Porter


I might have jumped a little. Full-disclosure. Although, on second thought, I’m pretty sure I could out-run this dude. Still, such creepiness will probably affect the tip.

Wes Mantooth: “What, you guys can’t say one thing?! Even the guy that can’t think said something! You guys just stand there?! Come on!”

– Vince Vaughn – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone (minimally edited in Photoshop)


Storing Muses

Here’s something I found while digging through my vast archives of unedited… stuff. I took this photo about a bajillion years ago in the Fontbonne University sculpture studio. I’m not sure if this lady is still  hanging around there, but judging from the amount of random junk she was stored behind it seems very possible. Chillaxin. Mannequin style.

About this image: Ilford 35mm film scan, moderately modified – digital ‘frame’