Grunge Orchid

It’s been a busy weekend of getting very little accomplished. So… here’s… a… flowery thing. It might not look like much, but it does a decent Eddie Vedder impression. Should be able to do one, anyway. Grunge and all.

– I walked the line when you held me in that night…

– I walked the line when you held my hand that night…

– Pearl Jam – I got ID

About this image: digital media – vector art created with Adobe Illustrator – textures, etc. added in Adobe Photoshop


I should have written down more information about this orchid. Although that would have required foresight. And minimal effort. And a pen. Sadly, only one of these was available at the time. Oh well. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Max Fischer: “Take dictation, please. Possible candidates for Kite Flying Society: David Conners, Murray Marshall, Greg Halloway, Duncan Wright, Margret Yang, Woody Jackson, Shoeshine…”

– Jason Schwartzman – Rushmore

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified