Nature Hates Me

Here’s the thing; nature and I seem to have a healthy disregard for each other. I stay inside with my nice indoor plumbing, it, in turn, seems to leave me alone – for the most part.

Anyway, well perusing Jillsy Girl Studio, I noticed a bird photography challenge of sorts. I didn’t really understand the rules (I never do), but Jillsy is always posting amazing nature photographs and, being a rather dim-witted fellow, I decided (against my better judgment) to attempt to photograph a stinkin’ bird (I feed these creatures every day – they should work with me on this, right)?!

Here’s the problem; I’m twitchy and slow, birds are twitchy and fast. Mission FAILURE. I don’t know how J.G. gets such amazing results. I give-up. I bruise easily, and nature has thoroughly kicked my a**. Again.

About this image: Digital photograph heavily modified