I’m pretty sure they come with Tater-Tots. So… you know… that’s… nice.

Napoleon Dynamite: “Are you gonna eat your tots?”

Pedro Sanchez: “No.”

Napoleon Dynamite: “Can I have ’em?”

Pedro Sanchez: *nods*

Napoleon Dynamite: *grabs Tater-Tots, shoves them in his pocket and resumes eating lunch*

– Jon Heder & Efren Ramirez – Napoleon Dynamite

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Lost In Translation No. 2

I’ve already posted a different version of this little building at the St. Louis Botanical Garden, but I felt like a bit of color today (I guess I’m ready for spring). Also, I still have no idea what this sign says… I’m very curious at this point. And confused. Queue the quote!

Jimmy James: “…the original title of… of… this book was, uh, ‘Jimmy James; Capitalist Lion Tamer’, but… I see now that it’s… ‘Jimmy James… Macho Business Donkey Wrestler’. You know what it is… I… I had the book translated into Japanese then back again into English, so… Macho… Business… Donkey… Wrestler. Well, there ya’ go. It’s got kind of a ring to it, don’t it?

– Stephen Root – NewsRadio

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Four Winds Motel

Before I airbrushed this the signage indicated WIFI was available. Full disclosure. Just in case it might affect any travel plans.

The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst

Out at you from their hiding place

Miss Carrie nurse and Susie dear

Would find themselves at Four Winds Bar

– Metallica – Astronomy (originally preformed by Blue Oyster Cult)

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Of Difficulties…

Annabelle and I are in the final stages of closing our store. We have most everything moved, but we  still have lots of cleaning to do, etc. Also, we only had internet access at said failed store (and I’m unsure how long it will take to move that to our apartment). All 400 sq feet of which is full-o-store stuff. And is very uninspiring… so, yeah.

I apologize if I miss a few days of comments in the near future… I briefly considered scheduling posts in advance, but I’m not going to do that. If I’m not available to visit, what’s the point?

Anyway, I’ll be back (hopefully sooner than later). Please hang-in there with me… I sincerely appreciate your continued kindness… you’re the ‘bestest’ readers out there!

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Diamonds Are Forever

007: “Seriously, Moneypenny… what kind of place did you send me to this time?”

Moneypenny: “Do be a sport, James – M16’s budget is ever so tight, and… you received a substantial AAA discount.”

007: “My room smells of chowder, the air conditioning is on the fritz and these towels are really scratchy! AND I suspect my Vodka Martini has been stirred, not shaken!”

Moneypenny: “Oh, James.”

– neither Sean Connery nor Lois Maxwell

*Disclaimer – I’m sure this is a very nice place. The above is purely fictional and intended to be humorous. Really.*

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*I saw the sign…

it inspired to-days post…*

Now why would I do that? Things were much, much better when I didn’t have an Ace of Base song stuck in my head. There’s only one thing to do in a situation like this… that’s right… go fire up a few Justin Bieber CD’s. Or break a few. One of those things.

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