Frankfort Light

Here’s an image from our trip (sort of). It wasn’t raining and the lamp wasn’t lit at the time, so I B.S.ed that part with wet plexiglass and a flashlight. I could have done something very similar with Photoshop only, but I wanted each droplet to reflect/refract/distort the image and was curious how ‘real’ light would interact with ‘real’ water. *ting* Why make things easy, right?!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

About this image: digital photograph printed, hole and flashlight used to simulate lit lamp, rephotographed behind plexiglass, highly modified


Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

This tree seems a bit worn by time. But I shouldn’t talk. So do I.

Tony Giardino: “Hey listen… how long is it gonna take us to get there?”
Pilot: “It shouldn’t take very long.”
Pilot: “Actually I have no concept of time.”
Tony Giardino: “Geez, is this dangerous?”
Pilot: “No. Well, you know there’s chance in everything.”
Tony Giardino: “Look I don’t wanna get too personal or anything, but you’ve done this before, right?”
Pilot: “Oh yeah, yeah. I do this all the time.”
Pilot: “I’ve never done it at night.”

– Anthony LaPaglia and Steven Wright – So I Married an Axe Murderer

About this image: digital photograph, re-photographed through wet glass and heavily modified

Bechyne, North Dakota

Today’s Action Chanel 5 in-computer forecast: 90% chance of fake showers.

I wonder if I could ‘make it rain’ with ‘fake 100 dollar bills’?

Totally Kidding. There’s no need to alert those rather humorless dudes at the Treasury Department. Again.

About this image: digital photographs highly modified