The Penny Project

Lincoln piece number three. One thousand one hundred pennies (each different). It’s like my Dallas, Texas – November 22, 1963 painting in that it becomes ‘clearer’ when viewed from a distance (step back a few feet for Abe-ification). I wanted more P.P.I. (pennies per inch), but my collection is limited to eleven bucks and change. There’s been a significant curves adjustment on most coins (full disclosure), and I worked in quadrants to keep my computer from exploding (original is approx. 22.75″x 22.5″). And each penny is ‘heads-up’. Naturally.

About this image: flatbed scan(s), digitally combined and lightly modified


The New Fives

Hopefully this painting reminds you a bit of a U.S. five dollar bill. Or part of it, anyway. Crackle/distressed background texture(s), lightly rusted line-work and shinny copper sides… just F.Y.I.

Me: “Honesty, Abe… you took forever paint, too!”

A.L: “Dude! Nearly four score and seven years!”

Me: “Dude!”

A.L: “Dude!”

(my original Abraham Lincoln piece here)

About this image: acrylic painting on 10″x30″ canvas