Anna No. 1

You’ve likely noticed I’m a big fan of attempting to recreate processes I completely lack the knowledge/materials to explore. So, its probably no surprise I’ve recently been faking old wet plate collodion photographs (to the best of my ability, anyway).

Hmmm… am I still dishonest if I admit to being so? Will a fallen tree make any noise if the chicken came before the forest? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Isn’t Anna lovely, BTW?!

About this image: digital photograph highly modified / combined with acrylic plate scan

Of St. Patrick’s and Polaroids…

So here’s another version of the same thing I posted yesterday. Very exciting, right? We try to keep things original. Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick’s day!

*Disclaimer* Although several stereotypes have been employed here, no leprechauns were at all harmed in the production of this fake Polaroid.

About this image: digital photograph highly manipulated