Refrigerator Approved Links

When you’ve already seen everything in the fridge…


A New Day Dawns

Best of Fates

Between U.S.A. and Spain

Candice Does The World

Dummies of the Year

Each and Every Saturday

Fear No Weebles

Friggin’ Loon

Jackie Cangro


Gimcrack Hospital (PG)

Inspiration – Cecelia Futch’s Blog

Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly

Life in Kawagoe Japanese Daily Sight

Momma’s Money Matters

Nylon Daze

Peg-o-Leg’s Ramblings

Salt Free Vegan

Spectrum Woman

Spirit Lights the Way

Taste of Life by Sabi

The Bumble Files

The Byronic Man

The Daily Dish

The Daily Dish’s Culinary Arts Blog

The Eternal Solitude of the Restless Mind

The Good Greatsby

The Ramblings

The Redneck Princess

Trippin’ In Bangkok

Unapologetically Mundane

Unlikely Expectations

Young American Wisdom

YoYo-Dyne Propulsion Labs: Reno Division

Photo/Art Blogs:

AC’s Scrapbook

Adams Art

All City


Banal Canal

Coco Photo


Dark Pines Photo

Eden’s Captures

Experiments in Experience

Fenland Photos

Flickr Comments by FrizzText

FS Photography


Hold Eeeeeeeat!!!

Journey Photographic

Joyful Ploys

Milkay Photography

My Sight Picture

Pix & Kardz

Primo Piano

She Who Carries Camera



Syncopated Eyeball

Thoughts from Finchley

Timm Eubanks Photography

Urban Muser


Lon Brauer

Mark Douglas

Metra Mitchel

Tim Liddy


Addanac City

Bearman Cartoons


Gatorhead Comics

JB Stuff

Manic Comics

Odori Park


Tony McGurk

Tooned In



35 thoughts on “Refrigerator Approved Links

  1. I like your idea of creating a page for you links and I’m flattered I’m on it! I’m sure i’m not worthy.

  2. Hey you … yes you, Mr. SIG. Not sure when you added me to your list of refrigerator approved blogs, but I’m grateful. Sincerely grateful, my photograph-taking-talented friend. Thanks!

    • Not at all! I meant to get this page updated much, much sooner. In fact, it’s not really updated yet. I’m way too slow, but no thanks required – you do amazing work, Ms. D.! 🙂

  3. hey, how about that! i just happend to see the link to this page and noticed the very kind nod at my photo blog! how cool is that – and very kind, too. like an early christmas present. much appreciated, SIG!
    blog on!

    • My pleasure, P&K! I’m very bad about updating this page (it’s kind of a nightmare to do so)… but one tiny link is the least I can do with all the kind comments you’ve left me! Plus this way it’s easier for me to run over and check out your incredible work as well!!!

    • Please, please don’t look at this page like that! I literally have not updated it in… hmmm… probably well over a year. At least. Some of the biggest reasons I haven’t done so are, (1) when I put this together I was following FAR fewer blogs… a current list would be SO LONG… (2) it would take weeks to put together (and I feel like once I add just one ‘new’ link I have to add many, many more in order not to hurt anyone’s feelings. (3) a decision to update means making decisions about leaving links for blogs that appear inactive – but I hate to hurt any feelings by removing them (particularly if they might become active again at some point) (4) being included on this page is the blogging kiss of death… in the past (when I was still updating this page) it seemed like just as soon as I added a link that person would often quit blogging entirely.
      Anyway, my point is that I sincerely hope this doesn’t make you feel bad. If I ever update this page I promise you will be included (although, honestly, I’m toying with deleting the whole thing – it’s gotten to be a matter of deciding what would be least offensive). 😦

        • *whew* Thank goodness! 🙂 To tell you the truth, I was quite concerned! Since I know it’s going to be a while until I work up the courage to tear-into this page I was considering possibly taking the whole thing down instead…

          • Naw, don’t tear the page down, that would be a shame, as I know how long it probably took you to create it! I am just honored to know you and be an awesome bloggy friend to you. 🙂

          • Aw, thank you! I was a bit concerned that if I did tear it down the people with ‘still-active’ links might be upset, too… (it seemed like a lose / loose situation)!

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