Translucent Green

Playing with opacity today. Because I’m usually in a bit of a fog anyway. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Tony Giardino: “How the h**l do you even know if you’re going in the right direction?”

Pilot: “Instruments, instruments!”

Tony Giardino *pointing at instrument*: “Oh yeah? Yeah? What’s that?”

Pilot: “That’s the artificial horizon, which is better than the actual horizon.”

– Anthony LaPaglia and Steven Wright – So I Married an Axe Murderer

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


82 thoughts on “Translucent Green

    • Hahaha… that’ll send an army of angry Canadians over to beat down my door!
      (That’s if all those horses can climb two-flights of stairs)! πŸ˜‰
      Seriously though, Ms. B… thank you very, very much!

    • Thank you so much, N.M.!
      I still watch it quite a bit… not a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ involved with that movie, but that’s nice sometimes, too, I think.

    • Thank you very much, Dishy!
      I think it works a bit better larger scale because there’s a bit more contrast in detail between the leaves closest to the plastic and those further away… oh well!

  1. I was trying to figure out if I was more impressed by your artistic talent, or your ability to recall dialogue from all kinds of obscure (to me) movies. Artistic talent wins, hands down, but about that other thing…man o man.

    • Thank you so very much, Peg!
      Hahaha… well… not as impressive in that I have to cheat all the time! I’ll remember the related part of a song or movie I use, but I always have to check and make sure I’ve got the dialogue / lyrics right (the specifics usually get a bit fuzzy). What I do remember probably comes from the fact I tend to watch the same movies over and over again.

  2. Nice Bob πŸ™‚ You have to trust your Artificial Horizon… until the vacuum fails then you’d better pray you’re not in cloud otherwise you’re going to have to work very hard to stop becoming a statistic! It’s a very nice abstract – but the dialogue got my attention!

    • For the record – average life span for non-instrument trained pilots in cloud is 178 seconds. Loss of Artificial Horizon if not immediately identified wouldn’t give you a lot longer 😦

    • Now I wish I would have transcribed the whole scene for you, Martin! I’ve posted the first part before, and it goes something like this:
      Tony Giardino: β€œHey listen… how long is it gonna take us to get there?”
      Pilot: β€œIt shouldn’t take very long.”
      Pilot: β€œActually I have no concept of time.”
      Tony Giardino: β€œGeez, is this dangerous?”
      Pilot: β€œNo. Well, you know there’s chance in everything.”
      Tony Giardino: β€œLook I don’t wanna get too personal or anything, but you’ve done this before, right?”
      Pilot: β€œOh yeah, yeah. I do this all the time.”
      Pilot: β€œI’ve never done it at night.”
      (There’s more, too – I won’t spoil it as I’ll probably use the ending at some point, too, but let’s just say the Pilot starts to get a bit sleepy…)

  3. “…and when Sig awoke from his nap, he was buck naked and far out into the jungle. Again.

    ‘Uh-oh,’ he thought. ‘Anabelle is gonna be pissed.’ ” πŸ™‚

  4. Love this. Why not post a larger one? I can see where trimming would mean the loss of some of the finer detail. Still, the image is wonderful. Looks like the backdrop for a book cover…

    • Hahaha… because that would be smart!
      AND I’m paranoid. So I keep all my images small. That way, if anyone was to ‘borrow’ them (although I’m not sure why they’d want too), I’ve still got the nice large original and they’ve got some pixelation if/when printed large. As far as the crop goes… that might have worked, too, but I was also playing with the balance between positive and negative space here (and I didn’t want to give more of that up). Although the composition probably would have been a bit different anyway, if it wasn’t such a balancing act to shoot this in the first place.
      Thanks much as always, Red!

      • There is also another option…Collage it with the detail places as insets. Make it a study, as it were. Involved, I know. You just jogged the creative bone with this one, SIG.

        • That’s a wonderful idea – I’m afraid I just did an awful job of explaining myself, sorry about that. The detail is there (in the original), it’s resizing it / smaller scale and screen resolution that zaps it. And if it wasn’t there, overlaying more and resizing w/o increasing screen size and/resolution would take it away again as soon as it was reformatted. Did that gibberish make any sense? I swear words hate me, Red!

  5. This is Ax Murdering scene always reminds me of a conversations we have when I am navigating/driving the car.

    Tony Giardino (you): Hey listen. How long is it gonna take us to get there?
    Pilot (me): It shouldn’t take very long. [pause] Actually I have no concept of time.
    Tony Giardino (you): Geez, is this dangerous?
    Pilot (me): No. Well, you know there’s chance in everything.
    Tony Giardino (you): Look I don’t wanna get too personal or anything but you’ve done this before, right?
    Pilot (me): Oh yeah, yeah. I do this all the time. [pause] I’ve never done it at night.


    • Thanks so much, Mr. H!
      It’s funny – such a simple image, and it was one of the most ridiculous things to try set-up… I could have used a few extra hands on this one (or a small army of them)!

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