First Attempt at Light Painting

I recently came across an interesting article on light painting – and I gave it a try last night. There’s no expensive special equipment required – just your camera, a tripod, shutter release cable and a flashlight. Then, in low ambient light use long exposure times and the flashlight to ‘paint’ light on your subject(s). Blah blah blah. It is a lot of fun… and you can get some fairly interesting results.

What have I learned from all of this?

1. I need better subject matter.

2. There are apples buried in the back of our fridge (I have no idea how they got there).

3. I am not a wine drinker (evidence? label falling off old bottle and dirty, dirty glass).

*whew* That was fun. Now beer me, please!

About this image: Digital photo, 30 second exposure… at… f-11-ish? Moderately manipulated (quite a bit of dodging and burning with levels adjustment layers, etc.)


33 thoughts on “First Attempt at Light Painting

  1. Okay seriously though, I think this technique is really cool and I can’t wait to see what else you do with it! The possibilities are endless!

  2. I think I am going blind. I just realized there actually was a “reply” button under every post to embed a response. I kept wondering how everyone was doing it. I think I have gray/white color blindness.

    • I think your eyes are okay, Bearman – those buttons are MINUSCULE. But at least they are a color that blends in perfectly with the background! 🙂

  3. It’s an excellent first attempt, but you may want to wash the glass next time. 😉

    My best friend and fellow photog Timm Eubanks does beverage shots for a living. His blog is (his link is on my blogroll as well)

    Check him out when you get a chance. He does other cool stuff as well. He is also the guy who bought a refrigerator door at a junkyard and mounted it on the wall to stick his daughters art on, so there’s another connection.

    I am digging this Robert.

    • Ha! Absolutely – that glass has seen cleaner days!

      That blog sounds very cool – I’ll go check it out right now.

      Thank you, sir – you are very kind! 🙂

  4. My ears were burning and now I see why! That was weird…
    There was very expensive tool called a “HoseMaster” (always made me smile) in the Eighties that everyone was into. It was precise beam of light with attachments for effects. I prefer the flashlight with a black card in front of it to keep the light off the lens. Play on!

  5. first of all, how do crinkled up mushy apples somehow get into the bottom drawer of everyone’s fridge. i just cleaned some out today.. AS i was also cleaning up the wine spillage that seeped under my fridge cus the tapper on the box was leaking all night.

    i know, i’m a class act.

    • I think rotten apple hide-n-seek is a mystery of science (chuck a Nobel Prize at whoever figures that one out)!

      I wouldn’t worry to much about the wine, either, B.D. – wine-in-a-box is… classic (I think). If you had noticed spillage and decided not to clean it up for a month or so that MIGHT be a different story.

    • I’ve never seen any of Bo’s photography, but I have a hunch he’s being very modest. BUT I have seen you’re photos, Tony, so I KNOW that you are being modest for sure! 🙂

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