More Fake Collodion

Me: “Jeff Goldblum?!”

Annabelle: “I wouldn’t say he’s classically handsome, but he is attractive.”

Me: “I would not have guessed that. In a million years.”

Annabelle: “If he’s funny that makes him more attractive.”

Me: “But not Adam Sandler?”

Annabelle: “No.”


Annabelle: “Like Jack Black, or…”

Me: “Jack Black?!” (glancing in mirror) “Oh *explicative*.”

TheΒ  point of this ridiculous story (I think) is my wife can be ‘aesthetically challenged’. At times. Which I appreciate.

About this image: faux collodion – digital photograph highly modified / combined with acrylic plate scan


26 thoughts on “More Fake Collodion

  1. Looks like you’re dressed up for Halloween! Is that eyeliner i spy or are you just naturally blessed with kohl rimming??

    Love it! And I am w/ Anna, funny men are attractive – though I agree, Adam Sandler doesn’t do it for me either. But look at Jon Stewart! Not the most handsome man by far, but women (and men!) fall at his feet. My husband keep me laughing, day in & out, and that to me is his most enchanting quality. Well.. LOL

    • It does, doesn’t it! But no eyeliner on non-gig days! Seriously, though… it’s just a result of the editing, I guess.

      Interesting… there seems to be consensus, here. Annabelle says it’s Adam Sandler’s TYPE of humor that’s likely the ‘issue’. I think all his ‘voices’ creep her out a bit. I don’t feel too sorry for him, though. He seems to be hanging in there. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah — I agree. The only time I found him truly attractive (in an albeit odd way) was in the movie Punch Drunk Love, and he’s in no way funny there. I think I just feel unbelievably sorry for his character. Then when he finds his perfect match, my heart soars! My husband loves that movie too – a very nice one to watch together, though it’s very offbeat. πŸ™‚

        • Oh, yeah! I really like Punch Drunk Love, too…
          Annabelle isn’t that into it for some reason, though… I’m not really sure why… she claims it made her feel like she was ‘loosing her mind’. I still like it, though. πŸ™‚

  2. The effects used on the picture do make it look a bit creepy. Sort of ghost like. Reminds me of a 30’s horror picture. Are you the Son of Dracula or something? Actually I’ve always thought your avatar kind of looked like Dracula, so maybe I’ve discovered your secret!

  3. Your ability to reproduce these old processes is impressive. If you weren’t wearing a hoodie, you would look like a Civil War soldier.

    Sally Mann has done some really cool collodion work. Here is a link to a video where she shows the steps involved:


    • Thanks Mr. J!
      I decided there would be two good ways of doing this: either very ‘period’, or an obviously contemporary twist on the classic look (the hoodie, for example). It seemed anything in ‘the middle’ would look like I tried for old but missed.

      Oh man, I’ve watched a few similar videos on youtube and I desperately want to make the real things. My wife frowns on the whole ‘cyanide fixer’ bit, but I’ll talk her into letting me try someday. Maybe. I hope. πŸ™‚

  4. My wife would say the same about both Jeff Goldblum and Jack Black. She’s normally pretty picky about who she finds attractive, but when she adds a Jack Black to her list I don’t know how to value her viewpoint of my attractiveness.

    • Exactly how I feel, G.G. –
      I’ve hidden all the mirrors in our apartment because I feel like I’m morphing into ‘that guy’ (who looks like he could be one of Jack Black’s distant relatives)…

    • I’m surprised, N.M. – I swear I wouldn’t have guessed.

      Here’s the deal… if a dude has Abercrombie and Fitch catalog model on his resume I’d assume he’s popular with the ladies… otherwise I clearly have no clue…

  5. Nice effect on the photo although you look kinda like you’re about to go berserk with a chainsaw AAAIIIEEE!!!!!!

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