Car 54

I wanted  it to look like this car from the Museum of Transportation could still be in service, so I re-built quite a bit of the above.

If you’re curious… unedited photo here (click thumbnail for full-size)… and more info below:

  • Mass. Bay Area Trans. Authority No. 54
  • Coach (Model RDC-1)
  • Budd; 1954
  • Self-Propelled, diesel-powered, built for Canadian Pacific Ry.

About this image: digital photograph; moderately modified


84 thoughts on “Car 54

  1. You sure did some pretty intense building up there SIG.. Very impressive indeed, and I’d certainly not have realised… Maybe you could get some work rebuilding for the rail companies, as I’m sure your methods would save them a fortune… 😉

  2. Reminds me of my young childhood MANY years ago. On two different occasions Mom dressed my brother and me up in our Sunday best, and we took the train from Doyline, LA, to Louisville, KY, to visit my grandparents. Wonderful memories. Great shot.

    • Those really do sound like wonderful memories!
      I’ve never ridden on a train (other than a very sort trip around a yard once), but I imagine that would have been quite a lot of fun! I think there’s just something inherently fascinating about trains…

    • I am very happy to hear that, because I tend to get carried away with these things, you know!
      And with so many choices… the possibilities are nearly limitless.
      Thank you very much, Ms. D.!

  3. Wow, seeing the unedited one just makes this one all the better. I love the colors, and making the angle upright just . . . I don’t know . . . makes it an entirely different picture!

    I kind of wanted to write “boo” or something on the Facebook one as joke but figured I should keep my comments neutral to supportive . . . for now.

    • That is wonderful to hear, U.M… thank you!
      The colors and distortion were the quick part… airbrushing out the rope and re-building the boarded-over window took a while though.
      HAHAHA… well, as soon as FB puts in a ‘Boo this post’ button please feel free to use it!

  4. I’ve been trying for AGES to figure out how to leave comments on your posts, Robert. Maybe I just didn’t scroll down far enough. In any event, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your photographs. You have such a wonderful eye. Now that I know how to comment, I should be doing so more often. 🙂

    • Very understandable – it sure doesn’t help matters the comment link is uber tiny, gets lost in tags and is a bit vague to begin with!
      That is very, very kind of you, Mr. W! I sincerely appreciate it, sir!

  5. It’s Car 54! Ha…
    It looks cool. To me it looks like it’s sitting out in a junk yard but I like that.
    I’m glad it’s in a museum though. I wish they’d do something with ALL the old ones but at least this one found a second use.

    I think they should park the old ones on an abandoned track and convert them into apartments and call it Train Town.

    • Hahaha… Train Town has a very nice ring to it!
      Other than the living accommodations, this museum is very much like that…
      long sections of track just filled with parked locomotives, cars and railroad stuff… it’s a very cool place!

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