I can’t seem to remember what kind of plant this is. I water it from time to time, though. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Marie Helena Kreutz: “Do you have ID?”

Jason Bourne: “Not really.”

– Franka Potente & Matt Damon – The Bourne Identity

About this image: digital photograph (Canon 600D) lightly modified in Adobe Photoshop


77 thoughts on “Succulent

  1. This reminds me of a lovely Georgia O’Keeffe painting.
    I tried to do a study of her painting once. Um, let’s just say that it will never see the light of day.
    But this is one to be proud of!

  2. Hi….great photo…..I have one of those plants, whatever they are called…I warn you though….they multiply. Last spring mine turned a beautiful purple but it faded when the sun bore down on them and I think I may have forgotten to water them. I think they will outlive me πŸ˜€

    • Thanks, Mary!
      I did not know that! I guess it’s a good thing this one is contained to its own small pot… also I’m it’s care-taker, so… you know… good luck, mystery plant!

      • I did want to say more SiG, really I did, about how it reminds me of a gorgeous camellia and a waxy gardenia, plus how well the light and shadows open up the bloom but then something happened here at home – “have you seen my . . . . whatever?” and then the day sort of fell apart from there really in the way they sometimes do!

        • Oh, please don’t apologize Ms. K! You are always so generous with your comments… it’s obvious that you put a great deal of effort into every one! Mine, on the other hand, usually kind of lacking. I think / hope a lot of that just comes from my being a more visual than verbal person… sometimes I can spend hours trying to find the words that are escaping me (and it just doesn’t ever happen).
          Anyway, I hope your day is starting to turn around… I know how that can go… I’m having one of those kinds of days myself (or months / years, really)!

    • They’re kind of cool, aren’t they?! We have a few of them, too (many of them are all crammed into one pot… it’s a very interesting mini-habitat)! Thank you very much, Amy!

  3. It’s pretty, great petal shapes. I like hardy plants. It’s about time for a Bourne marathon, seeing as how we still have WINTER.

    • Aw, thanks, Peg!
      Hahaha… yeah, sorry about that… I guess that was a bit… vague (at best). I guess I somehow related my not being able to identify this plant with ‘Jason Bourne’ not being able to identify himself… er… I think that’s what I was thinking. I’m not quite sure now, either…

  4. Keep watering your thingy SIG πŸ™‚
    Nooooo not that I mean the flower πŸ™‚
    Great work and keep them coming
    my great friend πŸ™‚

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