Stacked and Wired

Stacked and Wired © Robert Jay Matejcek

Sometimes I just can’t decide what to call these things… or what to say about them. Words. Anyway, have a great weekend, everyone!

Hannah Green: “And even though you’re book is really beautiful, I mean, amazingly beautiful, it’s… it’s at times… it’s… very detailed. You know, with the genealogies of everyone’s horses, and the dental records, and so on. And… I could be wrong, but it sort of reads in places like you didn’t make any choices. At all.”

Katie Holmes – Wonder Boys

About this image: digital photograph taken and modified with smart phone


34 thoughts on “Stacked and Wired

  1. Stacked and wired seems like the right title to me. It is a bit scary. It could be a shot in one of those dark disaster movies. The kind were the coffee in the cup ripples just enough to scare the crap out of you.

  2. I really love what you title this one, Sig. And the shot is great! You always make your shots looks so good by the time they get to our eyes to enjoy!
    Have a great weekend…my best to Anne belle! 🙂

    • That is very kind of you to say, Deb, thank you! I never know… I tend to get a bit carried away with editing sometimes – but that’s half the fun, you know!
      Thank you again, Deb – I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

  3. Staked and Wired is perfect, Robert. You do have the words! It looks so industrial or something and the greenish tint really enhances it. You know what? I don’t know what to call it either. A smoke stack? I’m sure that’s wrong. Anyway, have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

    • You are always so kind Amy, thank you!
      I’m so happy to hear you liked the tint… that’s exactly the kind of ‘feel’ I was going for! So your comment was particularly nice to hear!
      And I think you’re absolutely right… I think it was indeed a smokestack… although I definitely made whatever was coming out of it much more ominous (but you know me and the editing bug)!
      Thank you again, B.F! I hope your family is having a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

    • Many thanks, Patti! Hahaha… it’s funny… I spend a lot longer thinking about that silly thing than it looks like I did!
      Hahaha… I think I’ve written that book (in paragraph form, anyway)!

  4. I like that quote. In a creative work, you’re always making choices and presenting those to the world, for better or worse. That’s a great way to put it.
    Enjoy the long weekend!

    • I think so, too! Sometimes it seems like the only thing more difficult than not being able to make choices is to have too many available… of course that’s also the fun of it, too, I guess!
      Many thanks, Ms. C! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well!

  5. Uh, your title was a little misleading 😉 I bet you get a lot of search traffic for it… Now to go wash my brain out and no, it’s not because of the sooty picture 😐

  6. Hi….I had to chuckle at Dave’s comment because I was wondering the same thing 😀 Double washing of my brain too! Have a great weekend!

    • Hahaha… agreed! That was pretty funny, wasn’t it! My brain probably could use a good washing out anyway, so, maybe that’s a good thing!
      Many thanks, Mary! I hope you have a good one as well!

  7. Wow you are clearly enjoying the many variations with
    your Smart Phone, and this one is excellent my great friend 🙂

    Have a brilliant rest
    of the weekend SIG 🙂


    • Indeed! And it’s been a life-saver while I’ve been working on the whole computer situation… which is nearly resolved, I think / hope! So I’m very, very excited about that!

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