E Pluribus Unum

Hey, hey it’s Abe’s birthday (well, tomorrow, anyway)! That’s why I’ve posted this mixed media 3/4 Abe Lincoln Face I made a while back for my sister.

Me: Happy b-dizzle tomorrow, big A!

3/4 Abe Lincoln Face: We’ll, HONESTLY, 3/4 of my face does feel a year older.

Me: Well, as they say, it sure beats the alternative, I guess.

3/4 Abe Lincoln Face: You said it, bro.

About this image: charcoal drawing, digital text, and copy of Lincoln’s inaugural; gel medium transfer on copper toned 10″x10″ panel.


30 thoughts on “E Pluribus Unum

    • You are too kind, F.L.
      Maybe I should print it out, stick it on an envelope and see what happens (might be a fun experiment)! πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha – it was just like looking in a mirror!
      Thanks very much, D.H. – can I count on your vote in a few Novembers?! πŸ™‚

    • That’s okay, Bearman – my spelling is so awful spell check can’t even guess most of the words I’ve misspelled (and I’m working off a full-sized keyboard)! πŸ™‚

  1. got here via your Dalla, Texas post (which was great – but will comment over there on that one). somehow missed this one, so thanks for referring to it.
    a brilliant piece of art. i remember learning about Lincoln in school – which may not sound all that unusual unless you know that i grew up north of the 49th parallel. As it turns out, the Canadian school system used a lot of American text books when i grew up. so i actually learned a lot more about Abraham Lincoln than I did about John A Macdonald, who was our first prime minister.
    but he was certainly an inspiring man, and have always enjoyed reading books on him.
    thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for linking on over, P&K!
      Yeah, this is a pretty old piece / post, but still one of my favorites (probably just because it’s Lincoln), so I thought I’d share it again.
      That’s very interesting! To tell you the truth, I don’t know nearly as much about Canadian history as I should (I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that), although I feel like about my history in general. And I don’t have any good excuse for that, either, because it’s a fascinating subject, I think.

      • I just noticed the date on this post was 2011, LOL. No wonder I didn’t see it earlier. That was before pix & kardz made its first public debut.
        Anyhow am not a history buff by any means but I agree, it is very interesting, unlike my opinion while at school. πŸ™‚

        • This one does go back a bit…
          from my very first month of posting here (if I remember correctly).
          I feel the same way, P&K – I’m usually all ears when it comes to learning new history tidbits, yet considering that I don’t seem to spend much time doing research… not sure why, really. Maybe it is a time constraint thing.

  2. I think this one cold be one of my most favorites…Hard to choose though because you have so many I love….Excellent work, Sig!
    Hugs, xx

    • Thank you so very much, Deb!
      For some reason this is still one of my favorites, too…
      I just had so many lucky, serendipitous moments when I was working on it…
      and I’ll happily take all the luck I can get!

  3. I love that you have set this on his inaugural address. Most people get so stuck on the Gettysburg address they miss out on some of the important stances he had on the issues of the time. Some of his writings and letters were amazingly insightful as to what our country really went through.

    Makes you kind of wonder how anyone could want to do it again.

    • It seems like pretty much everything the guy wrote was poetic…
      That ‘better angels of our nature’ line has always stuck with me…
      I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mooch off if it here!

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