So… I think these are pilings. They run along a pier, anyway. As you can tell I’m not that great with nautical stuff. Please don’t ask me to tie a fancy knot (that would get embarrassing in a hurry).

Steve Zissou: “Can you hear the Jack Whales singing?”

*distant horn sounding*

Ned Plimpton: “Beautiful. I wonder what they’re saying?”

Steve Zissou: “Well, actually that’s a sludge tanker over there…

*distant whales singing*

Steve Zissou: “There you go…”

– Bill Murray and Owen Wilson – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

About this image: digital photograph, lightly modified


45 thoughts on “Pilings

  1. I like the industrial themes. We think industry remains on the sidelines of our lives, but it’s the mechanism that makes all the stuff that surrounds us. I think there’s a lot of poetry in that.

  2. Love it, Inky. And love the comments above – esp. the one from Good Greatsby. Me, I have a thing for big brick power generator buildings. Something about the smokestacks and former century I find irresistible. Back in Philly, I also found the oil fields – with their big reserve tanks, beautiful in their own way. Some people think industrial production is ugly and should be shielded from sight, but I agree. There is beauty in everything.

    • So well said, Dishy!
      I have nothing against idyllic nature scenes etc. (I continue to photograph plenty of that myself), but I’ve always been drawn to things that show the hand of humans somehow… especially things that are from a bygone era with an element of history and the passage of time…
      there are endless stories that can be written there…

  3. These could be smoke stacks, or canons facing upwards! By limiting the photograph to its bare elements, we are kept guessing as to what it is and are left to interpret it in many many different ways.

  4. Your title tells us something, but your choice of cropping drains away the context. It’s man-made, it serves some function or did at one point, and we see the passage of seasons. For me, work like this fosters my visual curiosity and forces me to contemplate the ‘stuff’ of the world around us.

    Okay, so I did go alittle art school on you, but I have to justify the thousands spent you know. But all that shit I said above still goes. πŸ˜‰

  5. You might be ignorant with nautical stuff… but you sure aren’t with the camera!!!
    Oh, Life Aquatic! People didn’t like that movie, but my son Chris and I loved it!! Hilarious.

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